Meet Connie, 

Certified Health & Life Coach, Certified Course Creator

My Story

I am a trained social worker and teacher in Wisconsin who worked as a social worker at our county human services agency. In our local community college, I taught social work and business in the classroom and online.

​While I was extremely happy working as a college instructor and as an Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor, our son was tragically killed by a drunk driver.  Not only did we lose our son, I lost myself and my career.

I found strength and a new career as a Career Coach at the college and loved coaching. I then went back to school to earn a coaching certificate. From there, I ventured out to start my own coaching business: Wellness4Life Coaching.​ 

I help women suffering with joint pain, low energy, weight gain, skin and sleep issues get their vitality back without a complete life overhaul by taking one small step at a time.

Want to learn:

βœ” What the benefits are of eating less sugar?
βœ” Where is sugar hidden in food?
βœ” How can we eat less sugar without spending a lot of time preparing meals?
βœ” Can we really feel better, have more energy, have less joint pain, have healthy-looking skin, and sleep better if we cut back on our sugar intake? YES, WE CAN!!

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