Connie Krupp Certified Health & Life Coach
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Master Certified Health & Life Coach

Connie Krupp

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  • One in three Americans are prediabetic and don’t know it.

    Some indicators are chronic joint pain, low energy, foggy brain and trouble sleeping.

    Long term, this can cause damage to the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and eyes - especially for women!

    The good news is that these can be reversed.

    One of the main culprits is sugar.

    Sugar hides in foods you’d never expect. And it’s not enough to cut out or cut back on sugar. Women have to cut out the right kinds of sugar.

    The good news is - there is a simple way I’ve been using to help women, myself included, lose weight, stop joint pain and get that blood sugar back to normal.

Hi, I'm Connie Krupp, founder of:

'Wellness4Life Coaching'


As a Certified Health & Life Coach, I can help you

  1. Lose that weight

  2. Alleviate joint pain

  3. Get a good night’s sleep

  4. Gain more energy to do the things you love

  5. Stop sugar cravings in its tracks

  6. Prepare meals that are low in sugar and taste good

  7. Use an easy to prepare, low-cost menu

I will work with you to set achievable goals so that you can get your life back.

Be on the hunt for whom you have yet to become...

Coach Connie Krupp

"Working with Connie on a weekly basis kept me accountable to my own goals. I think weekly coaching is a great way to set and achieve your goals - whether it be fitness, weight loss, or stress.

Connie helped me to get past a plateau to help me lose extra weight and look for healthy ways to keep these habits."

~ Lynn V.