Online Courses

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Land the Career of Your Dreams

Let me help you get it right this time!

In this course, you will: 

  • Determine your life purpose

  • Identify your strengths

  • Develop a killer resume that gets noticed

  • Use social media to job hunt

  • Grow your network

  • Build the confidence needed to get that dream job

  • Action plan with a Career Coach

  • Meet with an HR director to review your assessments

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Finding Joy after the Loss of a Child/Grandchild

In this course we will review the stages of grief, discuss ways to celebrate your loved one's life, and discover ways to honor them by finding joy again.

  • Learn ways to move through the stages of grief

  • Learn how to process what we've lost

  • Examine 9 celebration of life ideas

  • Explore tips to healthy healing

  • Identify the obstacles to joy

  • Find joy again (it is what our children would want)

  • Find support in a private Facebook group

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Raising Stress-Free Kids

This course will teach you how to:

  • Determine how stressed out your child is

  • How to reduce that stress

  • Use tools to dissolve disagreements between siblings

  • Deal with tween drama

  • Move from exhausted to excited

  • Use Mindful parenting

  • Incorporate Family engagement techniques

  • Connect with a family counselor for a free consultation (optional)

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Overcoming Test Anxiety

I can help you pass those tests!

This course covers:

  • What does test anxiety look like?

  • Signs and symptoms of too much stress

  • Strategies to use before and during a test

  • Relaxation strategies that work

  • Complimentary coaching session (optional)