I'm Coach Connie, founder of Wellness4Life Coaching. Thank you for your interest in my new e-book. My hope is that it serves you well on your first step to finding more gratitude in your life. If you want to dig deeper into this subject, I offer a FREE, no-obligation coaching session to help you.

I can help you identify ways to:

  • make yourself happier at work

  • set goals for finding that career of your dreams 

  • find ways to stay positive

  • create boundaries at work

  • create a life balance between work and home


Let's work together to help you set goals and keep you accountable, find the career or your dreams, or find joy within the one you have now!

My Story

I am a trained social worker and teacher in Wisconsin who worked as a social worker at our county human services agency. In our local community college, I taught social work and business in the classroom and online.

While I was extremely happy working as a college instructor and as an Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor, our son was tragically killed by a drunk driver.  Not only did we lose our son, I lost myself and my career. It was after crawling out of the hole of depression that I managed to pivot back to life and find a new career.


I found strength as a Career Coach at the college and went back to school to earn a coaching certification. From there, I ventured out to start my own coaching business: Wellness4Life Coaching.​ 


As a Master Certified Health and Life Coach, I can help you identify your purpose, passion, and strengths so you can have the life, health, relationship, and career of your dreams.​ 

I offer a FREE Discovery Session via phone or zoom to help you get your life on track with clarity, purpose, and passion! Simply click the button to easily schedule your free 30-min session.

Your Gift

Book Cover - How to Feel Good at Work

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The Healing Souls Retreat is coming this Fall! 

Join three amazing hosts to take you away from it all... for 3 days & 2 nights,  tap into your divine inner being. 

Learn more and register by clicking the link below! 

Free Discovery Session

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phone:  (920) 602-1714

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